Tru-View finally brings real value and innovation to the reference checking process. Here is what Jim had to say:

  "A pre-employment 360; what an innovation solution"
– Jim
VP Human Resources



The Tru-View Reference Management Solution is born from the collaborative efforts of leaders in their respective fields; Proforma Screening Solutions and PwC.

PwC is a recognized thought leader in the organizational development services field, supporting corporations and government agencies in managing the employee life cycle and developing strategic talent. Together with data-driven strategic consulting, PwC offers employee surveys, 360° feedback, performance management, and training. This integrated, customized approach to human capital initiatives enables organizations to effectively "connect the dots" and align their people strategies with business objectives.

Proforma is a human capital, risk management solutions provider; founded by pioneers of the employment screening industry. Proforma provides best practice employment screening programs that deliver tangible benefits to human resources and risk managers. Balancing the competing influences of cost and risk tolerance, while delivering information needed to make informed personnel decisions, Proforma is the first line of defense for employers seeking to proactively manage their human capital risk.

Tru-View is the reference management solution that human resources professionals have been looking for. Tru-View solves the verifications paradox and enables a much richer understanding of how the applicant is perceived by their supervisors, co-workers and peers. Tru-View is used to gain a global perspective of the applicant by analyzing, contrasting, and comparing feedback - sourced from the identical question-set - from the applicant, co-workers, supervisors, and peers.

The outcome is a more informed hiring decision, a better organizational fit, extended employee tenure, increased productivity, a more successful organization.

Better system, better results.

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