Tru-View finally brings real value and innovation to the reference checking process. Here is what Lynn had to say:

  "You will get much better information about prospective employees!"
– Lynn
Technical Recruiter



The Tru-View Reference Management Solution doesn't just provide enhanced "next generation" reference checks through an updated process and newer technology. Instead of pursuing incremental improvements for the same results, Proforma sought out the expertise of a partner dedicated to leadership development, employee success indicator identification, and organizational feedback. PwC delivers a proven solution and more than 30 years of experience, providing a fresh perspective to an old problem.

This paradigm shift is accomplished by combining a better system with an innovative approach. Tru-View verifies previous positions, but goes deeper, evaluating critical traits of success; delivering a tool to hiring managers that increases the likelihood of a successful hire. The Tru-View Perspective Report uses a customizable question-set establishing multiple evaluation areas within a specific competency framework.


Tru-View Process


Tru-View provides significantly more value to the employment marketplace by delivering a substantially increased level of useful decision-making information at prices comparable to current outsourced spending levels. The Tru-View Reference Management Solution redefines verifications by:

  • Utilizing a proven Web-based solution to seamlessly manage the entire process.
  • Combining three areas of traditional reference checks with holistic feedback in a single process.
  • Providing best-practice assessment question-sets, which can be custom-tailored to fit each client's needs.
  • Increasing reference participation by enhancing privacy through the aggregation of assessment results into anonymous average scores.
  • Shifting fulfillment burden from internal HR staffs and third-party service providers to the applicant.
  • Delivering real ROI through better organizational fit.

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